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  • Our Trusted Solutions

    Through our specialized divisions, Bonnett’s provides a complete range of completion and production services in BC and Alberta at a level of experience and skill you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Well-Intel

    Our Well-Intel division is equipped with cutting-edge surface equipment and a highly skilled team, so you can get the data you need when and where you need it.

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  • Slickline

    We have two divisions dedicated to slickline operations and associated services. From recorder work to high pressure critical sour operations, you’re in good hands with our experienced teams.

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  • Electric Line

    Our e-line division offers a full range of Conventional and plug & perf services across North-Eastern BC and Alberta at an unsurpassed value.

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  • Pumping

    We utilize the latest technology, handled by our field-seasoned personnel, to deliver quick solutions to your fluid and nitrogen pumping needs.

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  • Swabbing

    Our swabbing division combines years of experience, innovation and a creative approach to deliver swabbing services to the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

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  • 7 YEARS
  • with no lost time injuries

The ongoing commitment and dedication of our Bonnetts Energy team to safe work practices is reflected in the achievement of this significant milestone.

Decades of experience, top-level service.

We’ve been bringing expert-level completion and production services to North-Eastern British Columbia and Alberta since 1972. We’re proud to have become a reputable name in downhole operations, known for our knowledge and commitment to every project we take on.

Whether we’re dealing with E-line, Slickline, Swabbing, Pumping, Offset Frac Monitoring or Regulatory Services, we’re committed to doing things better. Our advanced equipment and technology makes us equipped to handle any job, while our dedication to expertise, efficiency and safety mean each project is completed safely, on-time, and accurately.

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Why Choose Bonnetts Energy?

Bonnetts Energy Safety


Safety is our number one priority in any project: safety of our people, our clients and the environment. We make an extra effort to ensure our highly trained team meets established safe work practices. Read more about our safety initiatives here.

Bonnetts Energy Expertise


We’ve been doing what we do for nearly half a century, and with that time has come a wealth of knowledge and experience that you simply won’t find elsewhere. We’re committed to growing and have always invested in only the best tools and people.

Bonnetts Energy Efficiency


Entrusting your project to the experts is the best way to minimize risk and ensure successful execution. That’s why we’re committed to delivering exceptional results by ensuring our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to do things right.

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