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Slickline Services for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

Redneckz Wireline is your local specialist in slickline wireline operations and associated services. We’re proud to deliver unrivalled service and performance from our clients - from the latest technologies in our vehicles and down-hole equipment to our highly skilled knowledge base.

All our wireline units are equipped with electronic line measuring systems that continuously display tool depth and line tension during operations. All your information is automatically backed up and stored digitally - at your fingertips when you need it most.

Our History

The Redneckz Wireline division was established by Bonnetts Energy Corp. in 2005 to meet the growing demands for slickline services in Northern Alberta and British Columbia. Since then, we’ve operated under the leadership of Larry Shewfelt, a well-known slickline expert in Western Canada since the early 1970s.

Over the years, we’ve been committed to building a team of slickline experts and delivering top services to our loyal customers all over Western Canada - always with a focus on safety and delivery that goes beyond expectations.

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