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Silverline Swabbing: Overview

In 2004, Silverline Swabbing Ltd. commenced operations with a single rig. Today, we are a multi-rig operation proud to be recognized as a leading swabbing services company, providing services to our clients in northern Alberta and British Columbia.

We are pleased at the industry-wide reputation we have developed of being trusted, knowledgeable professionals who combine innovation and creativity to provide the highest possible level of service to our clients. Together, our team of swabbing service specialists' years of experience and training, combined with the latest technology – including tandem and tridem rigs, pressure vessels, tanks and scrubbers – enables us to offer a range of swabbing services throughout the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

Our swabbing services include:

  • Swabbing Services
  • Production Testing
  • Casing Swabbing
  • Pressure Rigs
  • Plunger Recovery and Bumper Spring Installation
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