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Silverline Swabbing has proudly served North-Eastern British Columbia and Alberta for many years. Over this time, we’ve become known in the area for the way we combine knowledge, innovation and creativity to deliver top-notch service.

Our specialised team has decades of combined experience and the highest level of training in their industry. They put this knowledge to work, combining it with some of the latest technology, to remove liquids from your wellbore. No matter the scope of your job, we have the manpower and resources to handle it.

Our History

Silverline Swabbing Truck

The Silverline Swabbing division was established in 2007. Today, we run a multi-rig operation with 11 self-contained rigs, including 2 tandem rigs and 9 tridem rigs. Our swab rigs are operated by the best team in the region, allowing us to provide a quality, reliable service to the companies of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

Those in the wellbore industry understand the importance of regular swabbing. Our swabbing services guarantee a quick and simple solution to ensuring your well continues to operate as normal.

If you’re looking for the best equipment, a knowledgeable team and a speedy service, contact us today. We’re equipped to handle any of your swabbing needs, including but not limited to:

Our Services


Casing Swabbing

  • Swab 4.5” to 7” casing
  • Depths to 4000m
  • Swab to 16m3 open top tank or pressure vessel/flare stack

Tubing Swabbing

  • Swab 2 3/8 to 3 1/2 Tubing
  • Depths to 4000m with conventional rigs and 5000m with pressure rigs
  • Swab to 16m3 open top tank, pressure vessel/flare stack or in-line with Pressure rig
  • Conventional Rigs- ½” line, 600 Psi working pressure/3000 Psi flow pressure. Continuous swabbing at 5000lbs/max pull 10000lbs
  • Pressure/In-Line Rigs- 5/16” line, 1000 Psi working pressure/5000 Psi flow pressure. Continuous swabbing at 3000lbs/ max pull 8000lbs

Pressure Vessels

  • Casing and Tubing Swabbing
  • 285 Psi maximum allowable working pressure
  • 40-60 ft Flare Stacks
  • 10000 Psi 2” flow line, 2000 Psi 2” flare, shipping land pop line
  • 10000 Psi manifold with adjustable and bean chokes installed
  • Continuous fiber slings for flow lines equipped with certified anchor points
  • Digital flow meters

16m3 Open Top Rig Tank

  • 50m 2” 2000 Psi line pipe and assortment of pup joints, hoses and elbows for tie in
  • Adjustable choke and check valve
  • Man lift installed on tank

Plunger and Bumper Spring Recovery and Installation

  • Pulling and setting tools available
  • Depths to 4000m with conventional rigs and 5000m with pressure rigs


Silverline Swabbing Truck on jobsite
  • 11 x self-contained swab rigs (4 pressure rigs + 7 conventional units)
  • 9 x tri-axle rigs and 2 tandem rigs
  • 15 x 16m3 swab tanks
  • 2 x 8m3 portable pressure vessels 285 Psi
  • 2 x 40’ free standing portable flare stacks
  • 2 x 12m3 portable pressure vessel 285 Psi
  • 2 x 60’ free standing portable flare stacks
  • 5 x H2S scrubbers

Inline Pressure Rigs

Our self-contained inline pressure rigs for electronic swab reporting are capable of swabbing under pressure of up to 500 Psi.

  • 7500m (25,000 feet) of 5 1/16" Dyform Cable
  • Electronic and mechanical counters
  • Digital and analog weight indicators
  • 10kw hydraulic light plants
  • Breathing Equipment

Conventional Rigs

Our self-contained conventional rigs for electronic swab reporting can meet 70% of road bans in British Columbia and 75% of road bans in Alberta.

  • 4200 m (14000 feet) of ½ inch swedge line
  • Electronic and mechanical counters
  • Digital and analog weight indicators
  • Digital and analog weight indicators
  • Breathing Equipment
Silverline Swabbing Workers setting up oil rig

Pressure Vessels

Our four pressure vessels are pulled behind the swab unit and capable of working at a pressure of up to 285 Psi. They are equipped with a Senior Daniels orifice meter, Barton recorder and free standing flare stack (40 ft and 60 ft with zero ground disturbance).


Specifications of our 15 16m3 portable flow back tanks:

  • 50m line pipe
  • 6" Degasser
  • 48/64 Adjustable Choke
  • Automatic Fluid Indicators
  • Safety Slings On All Pipes
  • Equipped With Emergency Man Lift Hoist For Confined Space Entry


Each of our five scrubbers are equipped with a barrel ammonium and inhibitor compartment and a four-barrel separation compartment.

Management Team

Rob Takala - Operations Manager

Rob started his swabbing career with Swab-Co Inc. in 2004 and stayed with the company after it was acquired by Enseco Energy. In 2010, Rob joined us here on the Bonnetts Team. After spending his first year at Bonnetts in the field, Rob was promoted first to Base Manager then Operations Manager for Silverline Swabbing in Grande Prairie.

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-814-2529

Jerry Shepelwik - Dispatch

Jerry started his Oilfield career in 1995 on the service rigs for Mountain Well Services. After spending 19 years on the rigs, Jerry worked his way to a Field Supervisor position. There, he gained knowledge and experience working across Western Canada. Jerry joined Bonnetts in 2014 and after running a swab rig in the field for three years was promoted to the Bonnetts management team as Dispatch for Silverline Swabbing.

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-882-0579

Brian Pettersen - Field Supervisor

Brian started his career in swabbing in 2005 and went on to start his own swabbing company, Swab Rite Inc., in 2009. Bonnetts Energy Services acquired Swab Rite Inc. in 2012 and Brian joined the Bonnetts Team as Field Supervisor, bringing with him vast knowledge and experience.

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-831-4124


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