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Silverline Swabbing has proudly served North-Eastern British Columbia and Alberta for many years. Over this time, we’ve become known in the area for the way we combine knowledge, innovation and creativity to deliver top-notch service.

Our specialised team has decades of combined experience and the highest level of training in their industry. They put this knowledge to work, combining it with some of the latest technology, to remove liquids from your wellbore. No matter the scope of your job, we have the manpower and resources to handle it.

Our History

The Silverline Swabbing division was established in 2007. Today, we run a multi-rig operation with 11 self-contained rigs, including 2 tandem rigs and 9 tridem rigs. Our swab rigs are operated by the best team in the region, allowing us to provide a quality, reliable service to the companies of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

Those in the wellbore industry understand the importance of regular swabbing. Our swabbing services guarantee a quick and simple solution to ensuring your well continues to operate as normal.

If you’re looking for the best equipment, a knowledgeable team and a speedy service, contact us today. We’re equipped to handle any of your swabbing needs, including but not limited to:

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