Health & Safety

Putting Health & Safety First

Since we were founded in 1972, The Bonnetts Energy Corp. culture has been driven by honesty, trust, integrity, achievement and - fundamentally - respect: respect for each other, the environment and our assets. We will never compromise these values in the name of profit.

Our Health, Safety and Environment team was established to permit us to uphold those values, helping us to oversee safety standards, assign safety responsibilities, and hold us accountable. Our HSE team ensures that our health, safety and environmental standards remain the highest in our industry.


The fast-paced and demanding reality of the oil and gas industry far too often leads to dangerous workplaces. At Bonnetts, the safety of our workers is our number one priority at all times.

We see safety as more than a requirement. It is the cornerstone of our entire business and is embedded in our values and culture. From the highest level of management down to the newest employee, we believe every member of the Bonnetts team has an obligation to create - and the right to benefit from - a safe work environment.


Protecting the environment that we live and work in is a top priority at Bonnetts Energy Corp., second only to ensuring the safety of our workers and clients.

Bonnetts is committed to and passionate about protecting and sustaining the beauty and vitality of Canada’s great wilderness for future generations. That’s why we’ve implemented policies, procedures and operational strategies to minimize our environmental footprint and leave the Earth in the same (or better!) condition than we found it in.

We are dedicated to the protection and conversation of the environment, whether it is directly or indirectly affected by our presence. We use a simple “pack it in, pack it out” approach, ensuring nothing gets left behind in the field or in any vehicle.

We strive to be a leader in pollutant management within our industry. Every living thing has the right to survive in an environment free of harmful pollutants. We advocate for the proper consumption, containment, recycling, reuse, recover and reduction of harmful chemicals and atmospheric pollutants.

Fleet Complete Vehicle Monitoring System

With the Fleet Complete Monitoring System, we are able to track and allocate our assets anywhere at any time. This guarantees our equipment is well monitored and accounted for. The system provides real-time location and status updates, protecting the integrity of our fleet.

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Management Team

Brian Walsh - HSE Manager

Brian joined Bonnetts Energy as part of the Boreal E-Line team in 2009. Brian is a graduate of Petroleum Engineering Technology and has over 20 years of experience in the service sector of the oil and gas industry. After 11 years in an Operations Management position his passion for worker Health & Safety lead him to transferring into the HSE Management role. Brian has completed his Occupational Health and Safety Certificate program through the University of Alberta.

CONTACT  780-513-3400

Paul Rolfe - Equipment Management

Paul Rolfe joined Bonnetts in November 2010 as the HSE Manager and was appointed to the position of Equipment Manager for Bonnetts in July 2014. Prior to joining Bonnetts, Paul spent 11 years with Weatherford Wireline (formerly Precision Energy Services, Computalog) stationed in Alberta. Paul’s previous roles included Wireline Operator, Wireline Supervisor, HR & Personnel Administrator, HSE Coordinator, Radiation Safety Officer & Asset Management. Paul holds a diploma in Business Admin / Managerial Accounting from CompuCollege (1995).

CONTACT  780-513-3400

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HSE Contacts

Richard Goudie - Field Safety Coordinator

CONTACT  780-513-3400

Health & Safety Questions or Comments?

Bonnett’s Energy is committed to the safety of both the public and our workers and welcome your Health & Safety questions or concerns. Please contact a member of our Health & Safety team anytime at 1-888-843-3833 or through email by completing the form below.

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