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Bonnetts Safety Award
  • 6 YEARS

The ongoing commitment and dedication of our Bonnett’s Energy team to safe work practices is reflected in the achievement of this significant milestone.

At Bonnett's, we place health and safety first. We operate under the principle that our employees have a responsibility to return home safely at the end of every job.

To ensure total safety through everything we do, we have developed a Health, Safety and Environment Team of managers, operators and customers to oversee safety standards and assign safety responsibilities to different teams and individuals.

We firmly believe that this comprehensive approach to health and safety involving all stakeholders in our operations is essential to maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and our clients.

By developing an ongoing dialogue within our team, we consistently ensure that our health, safety and environmental standards are the highest in the industry. In doing this we are taking a proactive approach to meeting or exceeding industry regulatory health, safety and environmental standards.

Our various health and safety initiatives include:

  • Providing personal health and safety information for all employees
  • Maintaining a healthy and safe work environment
  • Minimizing environmental damage and degradation
  • Meeting the intent of industry standards including the Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles for Worker Safety

Through our continuing efforts we can help ensure the safety of our employees and reduce the possibility of accidents in the workplace that may threaten the safety of our employees, the public and the environment.

Management Team


Brian Walsh - C.E.T. - MSE Manager

Brian joined Bonnett’s Energy as part of the Boreal E-Line team in 2009. Brian is a graduate of Petroleum Engineering Technology and has over 20 years of experience in the service sector of the oil and gas industry. After 11 years in an operations management position his passion for worker health and safety lead to him transferring into the HSE Management role. Brian has completed his Occupational Health and Safety Certificate program through the University of Alberta and continues to pursue certification through the Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CSRP).

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-532-8258 |

Paul Rolfe - Equipment Management, HSE Advisor

Paul Rolfe joined Bonnett's in November 2010 as the HSE Manager and was appointed to the position of Equipment Manager for Bonnett's in July 2014. Prior to joining Bonnett's, Paul spent 11 years with Weatherford Wireline (formerly Precision Energy Services, Computalog) stationed in Alberta. Paul’s previous roles included Wireline Operator, Wireline Supervisor, HR & Personnel Administrator, HSE Coordinator, Radiation Safety Officer & Asset Management. Paul holds a diploma in Business Admin / Managerial Accounting from CompuCollege (1995).

CONTACT  780-830-5243 | 780-814-4525 |

Richard Goudie - HSE Field Co-ordinator

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-380-1737 |

Brad Floyd - Field Safety Co-ordinator

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-297-4527 |


Bonnett's recognizes the duty we have to protect the places where we work and live. As community stewards, we take conservation to heart, and we are acutely aware of the ramifications arising from careless and unsafe work practices.

We are rigorous in implementing policies and devising operational strategies to minimize impact and our environmental footprint.

We take great efforts to consider the impact our operations have on the environment for all the services we provide, and we strictly follow best practices as established in environmental guidelines set out by the government. In doing so we can ensure that we do our part to sustain the beauty and vitality of Canada's great wilderness for future generations.

HSE Contacts


All HSE inquiries can be directed to Bonnett's Energy Corp Head Office:

65007 43 Hwy
Grande Prairie, AB
T8W 5E7

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-538-2633

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