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At Boreal E-Line, we’re proud to have been the region’s service quality leaders in unconventional completion operations since the beginning of the millennium. We provide a full range of cased hole e-line services.

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Combined with our expert personnel, commitment to safety and quality service, we guarantee we are the best choice to handle all your completion requirements.

Boreal E Line Pump Down offers Plug & Perf operations and unconventional completion. Combined with our highly trained staff, commitment to employee safety and quality service, we are the best choice to handle all your production, abandonment and completion requirements.

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Our Services:

Pump Down


Plug and Perforating Services

For our pump down services, our preferred perforating system is the Hunting-Titan H1 disposable, which helps us limit our footprint on location and reduce costly misruns due to wiring issues. We also run two additional systems (Dyna Energetics RF and Guardian Global Technologies), enabling us to deploy virtually any perforating system to date.

We provide real-time data throughout the job, recording tension, flow and pressure. We additionally run Geotrac software in our fleet vehicles so you can be guaranteed of the safe transportation of our people.

Boreal E-Line jobsite

At the end of each job, we assemble a detailed record for each well, so you have access to everything you need to know: plug/perforating run collars for depth control, run tension, run speed, welllbore pressure, and flow rates.

  • Horizontal plug & perf
  • Addressable release tool (ART) - electronic & ballistic
  • RF-safe addressable perforating (for simultaneous operations on location)
  • Real-time pressue and flow rate readouts
  • 5" x 10K or 15K pressure equipment
    • 7 x 10K Packages
    • 4 x 15K Packages
  • Coil tubing multi-gun perforating


We’ve selected a complete range of tools and equipment to save you time and money. Our 9/32 high-temp standard alloy cables provide options when job scopes run awry on location, while our TCP equipment gives us the ability to run a wide range of conventional and pressure-activated coil tubing TCP systems.

We also offer a complete range of ballistic and electronic addressable release tools for all applications, including innovative completions systems (ballistic) and Guardian Global Technologies (electronic).

Boreal E-Line Pump Down Equipment

Our other equipment includes:

  • Ball-drop-pressure-activated CT firing heads
  • Time Delay for multigun CT Perforating
  • Eight dedicated pump down units (four with dual drums)
  • Seven 10K lubricator packages with tandem wireline control valves
  • Four 15K lubricator packages with quad wireline control valves
  • Seven 15K standalone grease injectors systems
  • Two accumulator junction boxes (allowing us to run up to four sets of wireline control valves on location without manually switching line)

Management Team

Ryan Harsch - Operations Manager

With numerous years of industry knowledge and experience, including management positions with IPS and Pure Energy, Ryan has helped Boreal E-Line to expand and deliver new and exciting service lines in order to meet our clients' continually changing needs. Ryan and his team of trained professionals provide pump-down services, production logging, perforating and other solutions to our diversified clients using technology that's second to none.

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-402-1404

Richard Vrooman - Operations Support Manager

Richard started in the oil field in 2004 as an operator for Ultraline. After 1.5yrs he started running a slickline and e-line combination truck in Slave Lake. In 2009 he transferred to Grande Prairie. The past five years, he has focused in horizontal multi-well pad work, gaining experience in coil tubing conveyed perforating and both 10k and 15k operations. Richard has been with Boreal since 2012, holding positions as Horizontal Pump down Completions Specialist, Support Manager and assisting in sales.

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-830-9414

Trevor Locke - Operations Support Manager

Trevor moved to Grande Prairie in 2000 from Newfoundland. He started his wireline career with Baker in Grande Prairie as an open hole operator. After completing additional training, Trevor was set up as a supervisor, running a cased hole truck. Six years later, Trevor made the switch over to Bonnetts Energy where he has proven to be a valuable team member, displaying a drive and ambition to be the best. Trevor came over as a conventional supervisor and brought a great deal of training and experience when Bonnetts made the jump into the pump down market. Over the past seven years, Trevor has worked on anything from single well to 13 well 10K and 15K Psi mega pads. Trevor was promoted into Operations Support Manger in 2015.

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-512-5036


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