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High Pressure Operations

Redneckz High Pressure OperationsBy investing significantly in high-pressure equipment and top personnel, Redneckz Wireline has proudly built a reputation as a leader in the slickline sector. We strive to keep our equipment, personnel and procedures up-to-date, always keeping up with the fast pace of technology.

We understand that equipment alone is not enough to provide great service. Our senior supervisors have decades of experience in the industry, with knowledge that separates our team from our competitors. Their experience involves all types of slickline work - from recorders and plug work to tubing and casing fishing.

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Bottomhole Chokes installation & Size

Fishing Services

Redneckz Fishing Services TruckWe use a proven set of procedures during fishing operations, documenting operations every step of the way. We gather as much information as possible right from the beginning, ensuring all changes are well-communicated throughout the progression of the job.

Downhole conditions like deviation, high temperature and pressure, H2S, CO2, sand and scale can compound the difficulty of fishing operations. We are experienced in working in these environment types and can provide cost-effective, reliable recommendations to proceed - from personnel and pressure control equipment to line choice and necessary tools.

Wireline tools used for fishing operations are varied depending on the application and can be custom built. Our fishing operation tools and tool string components include:

  • Bailers
  • Blind Box
  • Broaches
  • Centralizers
  • Compounder
  • Impression blocks
  • Indexing tool
  • Long stroke hydraulic jar
  • Positive grab retrieving tools
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Gator grab
  • Sidewall cutter
  • Spears
  • Tungsten weight bar
  • Wire finders
  • Wire grabs

Flow Control Equipment Removal and Installation

Flow control equipment is designed to manipulate well production and can be integral to the tubing or casing. It can be run, retrieved or manipulated by wireline. We hold an extensive on-the-shelf selection of plugs, chokes and wireline tools required for removal, installation and flow control manipulation, including:

  • Tubing and casing retrievable bridge plugs
  • Sliding sleeve
  • Plunger lift systems
  • Flow tube extension
  • Chokes
  • Mechanical plugs
  • Permanent bridge plugs
  • Safety valve
  • Gas lift valves

Horizontal Wireline Operations

Redneckz Wireline is experienced in horizontal wellbore sections in both pump down and static environments.

Our pump down operations use varied tool string components, allowing for upward jarring capability during fishing operations. We have also performed pump down memory logging operations in tubing and casing, while our innovative high-deviation roller assemblies allow us to work closer to horizontal that at any time in the past.


Slickline perforating is most commonly done on tubing and can be performed either mechanically (by cutting a hole in the tubing wall) or with a shaped charge. Our perforators never leave debris on the back side, avoiding problems leading to tool or casing damage.

Our supervisors are trained and certified in the safe handling of perforator explosives. Our explosive perforators do not burn holes but punch clean, round holes of a specified diameter. They have many uses, such as:

  • punching holes to circulate and kill a well
  • draining tubing
  • lifting water from low-pressure gas wells
  • circulating out sand or mud
  • opening zones
  • operating plunger lift installations

Reservoir Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

Redneckz Reservoir Pressure Monitoring truckWhen you need to know what’s going on downhole, pressure/temperature gauges may be the answer.

We understand important your data is. That’s why we only use the most reliable downhole gauges - designed for any pressure and temperature - and innovative techniques that have been put to the test in some of the most intricate operations and hostile environments.

Time is critical, and we strive to provide data reports within 24 hours. All our trucks are capable of sending data from location with the capacity to generate field reports in electronic or hard copy formats right in the truck.


Redneckz Wireline EquipmentWhen you need to unload fluid or initiate flow, Redneckz Wireline has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to tackle any swabbing job.

We use a variety of mandrels, ranging from 3/4˝ to 3.5˝, that can swab from 1.5˝ coil tubing to 7.5˝ casing. We also have a wide selection of swabbing cups to meet the challenges of any in-line situation.

RF electronic dead weights are equipped on every wireline unit. The dual pressure sensors allow real-time monitoring of both tubing and casing during swabbing operations. All data is backed up on the unit and a pressure graph can be printed onsite.

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