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Pump Down Equipment

Boreal E-Line Pump Down EquipmentWe’ve selected a complete range of tools and equipment to save you time and money. Our 9/32 high-temp standard alloy cables provide options when job scopes run awry on location, while our TCP equipment gives us the ability to run a wide range of conventional and pressure-activated coil tubing TCP systems.

We also offer a complete range of ballistic and electronic addressable release tools for all applications, including innovative completions systems (ballistic) and Guardian Global Technologies (electronic).

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Our other equipment includes:

  • IMAX
  • Ball-drop-pressure-activated CT firing heads
  • Time Delay for multigun CT Perforating
  • Eight dedicated pump down units (four with dual drums)
  • Ten 10K lubricator packages with tandem wireline control valves
  • Four 15K lubricator packages with quad wireline control valves
  • Seven 15K standalone grease injectors systems
  • Two accumulator junction boxes (allowing us to run up to four sets of wireline control valves on location without manually switching line)

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