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Boreal E-Line jobsiteFor our pump down services, our preferred perforating system is the Hunting-Titan H1 disposable, which helps us limit our footprint on location and reduce costly misruns due to wiring issues. We also run two additional systems (Dyna Energetics RF and Guardian Global Technologies), enabling us to deploy virtually any perforating system to date.

We provide real-time data throughout the job, recording tension, flow and pressure. We additionally run Geotrac software in our fleet vehicles so you can be guaranteed of the safe transportation of our people.

At the end of each job, we assemble a detailed record for each well, so you have access to everything you need to know: plug/perforating run collars for depth control, run tension, run speed, welllbore pressure, and flow rates.

  • Horizontal plug & perf
  • Addressable release tool (ART) - electronic & ballistic
  • RF-safe addressable perforating (for simultaneous operations on location)
  • Real-time pressue and flow rate readouts
  • 5" x 10K or 15K pressure equipment
    • 7 x 10K Packages
    • 4 x 15K Packages
  • Coil tubing multi-gun perforating

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