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Pump Down Support

Our pump down support allows you to pumping two types of fluid simultaneously between the wellbore and backside for ultimate utilization - all while cutting costs. Our units are specifically designed for single or multi-well pump down operations; however, they are incredibly versatile in their application. Clients also use these spreads for preliminary pad work, such as pressure testing wellhead, testers lines, stump tests, opening toes and spearheading acid prior to frac date.

Nitrogen Pumping

We are equipped with five 85 scm/min non-fired nitrogen pumps, along with one bulk nitrogen trailer that can haul 20,000 scm of nitrogen. Our nitrogen services provide pipeline pigging, purge and suspension, N2 blankets, sand clean outs, and displacing of wellbore fluids and pressure testing.

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Fluid Disposal

Oilfield fluids must be disposed of into a permitted disposal well and is often the second-largest expense of drilling and completing a new well in Alberta. The need of disposing water produced in association with oil and gas is a constant battle every customer faces. Boreal can provide the necessary rate for your disposal needs to keep your operations moving.

Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing

A DFIT is a is a small volume of fluid injected at a low test rate, in order to create a fracture, followed by an extended fall-off period. DFITS are also referred to as a mini-frac, data-frac or g-function test. DFITs are a method for estimating reservoir parameters for low permeability reservoirs that would otherwise not flow prior to fracturing. The DFIT provides a practical tool to characterize the reservoir and hydraulic fracture parameters with results inclusive of reservoir pressure, permeability, fracture gradient, fracture pressure, fluid efficiency and deviatory stress possibility. Apart from the permeability and pressures data quality, DFIT provides accurate fracturing data which will be integrated with reservoir parameters for successful hydraulic fracture.

Step Rate Injection Testing

A Step Rate Injection Test is performed in preparation for a frac in which fluid is injected for a defined period through a series of increased pump rates. The resulting data is used to identify key parameters of the fracturing operation, such as the pressure and flow rates required to successfully complete the frac treatment.

Acid Pumping

Acidizing is performed in an effort to restore the natural permeability of the reservoir rock. Well acidizing is achieved by pumping acid into the well to dissolve limestone, dolomite and calcite cement between the sediment grains of the reservoir rocks. There are two types of acid treatment: matrix acidizing and fracture acidizing.

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