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Shaun Kristianson - Operations Manager

Shaun started his career pumping cement and acid with Sanjel Corp. in 2000 and continued that path with Calfrac Well Services until 2010 at which time he changed focus to Coiled Tubing eventually leading him into a dispatch roll. Shaun joined the Bonnetts team in 2016 starting in the field until he was promoted to Operations Support Manager for Boreal Pumping.

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-897-1807

Kurtis Wilson - Operations Support Manager

Started with Dowell Schlumberger 1990 with Cement went to wireline in 1993 then to Coil tubing in 1994 then frac in 1996 till 2007 at this time I left Schlumberger started with Boreal Frac till 2008 when division was sold then started with Century Frac as an project manager from 2008 till 2010 when Calfrac purchased Century I started there as a frac field sup till 2011 at witch time I was made manager of pumping and Nitrogen till 2015 when we dissolved the pumping division and slowly integrated nitrogen back into frac at this time I made my way back to field sup for frac till I left the end of 2018. 2019 till 2023 I was dispatching for Bexson transport. I came the Boreal pumping as an Operations Support Manager.

CONTACT  780-513-3400 | 780-228-5296

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