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Electric Line Services

Boreal E-line provides a full range of cased hole slickline/electric line services. Our slickline/electric line combination units are equipped with corrosion-resistant slickline wire, and high-temperature standard and sour service electric line.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Radial Cement Bond Logging
  • Combination CNL and Radial Cement Bond Logging in one pass
  • Noise/Temperature Logging
  • Perforating, Jet Cutting, Tubing punching
  • Tubing and Coil Tubing Conveyed perforating with Explosive Time Delays
  • Production Logging and Casing Inspection
  • Fibre Optic trucks for running Macro Noise and Temperature logging
  • Heli Portable skid package for remote locations
  • Cement Plug Logging

Our Production Logging service is designed to provide critical information for maximizing oil and gas recovery from a reservoir, extending the life of an existing field and reducing operating costs. Production Logging can be used to diagnose problems such as:

  • Lower than expected oil/gas production rates
  • Excess water production
  • Well leaks and mechanical deficiencies

Boreal E-line, with Sondex memory and real time tools, provides services for measuring flow rates, identifying fluid types and determining temperature and pressure so that our clients can maximize recovery while minimizing costs.

Electric Line Perforating

Boreal E-line has the skill and technology to meet all of your perforating needs. We can perforate the full range of casing and tubing sizes, and we are experienced in tubing-conveyed perforating, through-tubing perforating and multi-zone completions.

Generally, Electric Line Perforating is performed on a cased hole to permit production fluids to enter the well bore. The perforation must be large enough to create an adequate opening for the fluid to flow through, deep enough to penetrate into the formation past the mud, and be free of any fragments that could block the flow.

There are four main components to a shaped perforating charge: the case, primer charge, the main explosive charge and the metal liner. Upon detonation of the explosive charge, a wave of force sweeps out from the case, disintegrating the liner, and forms a high-speed jet, caused by the shape of the case.

The explosion causes millions of pounds per square inch of force on the target. This forces everything in the jet's path to flow away until the energy is depleted.

The shape of the charge creates a deep, uniform perforation, which maximizes productivity. The actual size of the hole is affected by the setup of the charge and the amount of explosive used.

Pipe Recovery

A pipe string can become stuck during drilling, completion or work-over operations, causing lost time and additional expenses. When this problem occurs, you want a quick resolution to get operations back underway. Boreal E-line is staffed and equipped to offer pipe recovery services, and provide free point, chemical cuts, and string shots.

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