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Slickline Trucks

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We are continually investing in our fleet of slickline units, allowing us to offer a full range of slickline services using the best equipment for the job. Our units are equipped with LinewiseTM electronic line measuring systems that continuously display and record operating parameters, such as tool depth and line tension. Information from these systems is automatically backed up and stored digitally.

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Mobile Cranes

No matter the size of your operation, we have a mobile crane for it. The units in our fleet run up to 40 tons, with lighter cranes available for smaller operations.

High Pressure Equipment

We invest heavily in the acquisition of high-pressure equipment, allowing us to perform several multi-well operations at one time in each size and pressure configuration.

  • 88.9 mm 10 & 15 kpsi
  • 139.7 mm 10 & 15 kpsi
  • 177 mm 10 kpsi
  • On board 10 kpsi grease injection/accumulator systems
  • Standalone 10 & 15 kpsi grease injection units c/w accumulator systems

Although the regulated standard for inspection of wireline pressure control equipment by a third party is every four years, we maintain an annual inspection program to ensure our equipment is always in the safest condition possible.

Remote Access Equipment

Bonnetts Wireline Equipment at remote worksiteBonnetts Wireline has the necessary equipment to perform slickline operations on remote wells. Our .108” and .125” slickline skid units can be delivered to location via helicopter, Nodwell or 6x6 ATVs.

  • Nodwells: Nodwells was created in the 1950s for the specific purpose of getting through Northern Canada’s muskeg. They are the ultimate vehicles for getting through mud. Bonnetts Wireline has two of these machines in our fleet in different sizes.
  • Fly-in Jobs: For the most inaccessible wells, we have tools and equipment designed for fly-in jobs: a variety of skid mounted wireline units, grease pounders, generators, lubricators, and a standalone mast, perfect for helicopter jobs.
  • 6x6 ATVs: Our 6x6 ATV unit comes equipped with everything needed for shallow well jobs
  • Skid units: Getting there is only half the battle. Our variety of skid units have lines ranging from .092˝ to .125˝, so no matter the job, we have the skid unit for it.

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