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Completion Services

Real-time Data Monitoring

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) requires companies to monitor adjacent wells when fracturing. Our offset well monitoring solutions allow you to capture real-time data for wells adjacent to a well undergoing fracture treatments.

Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test (DFIT) / Perforation Inflow

Our DFIT solutions offer high resolution, high frequency data for high pressure fluid frac jobs. Data is transmitted in real-time (or can be stored for future use) with analysis reports provided.

We use Calscan surface gauges and MRL realtime units to record and stream, so you can monitor your wells second-by-second. All readings are available in a single, convenient location - our Realtime Portal - which can be access via computer, smartphone or tablet, so you have the data you need when and where you need it.

MRL Integrated Solutions

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Production Services

Fluid Levels:

Fluid levels in producing wells can be determined using acoustics. Acoustical tests can be done on oil or gas wells, whether pumping or flowing, in casing or tubing.

An accurate fluid level can be used to determine:
  • Annular fluid level
  • Operating changes
  • Bottom-hole pressure
Dynamometer Testing and Analysis:

Dynamometer tests help increase efficiencies and production, lower operating costs, and mitigate the risk of equipment failure. Our technicians conduct, review and analyze tests, allowing them to make recommendations on how you can optimize your production. We offer the following forms of tests:

  • Standing & travelling valve checks
  • Counter balance checks
  • Pump fillage with pump card
  • Testing of tubing/casing pressures
Additional Production Services

In addition, we can provide Static Bottom Hole Pressure Calculations (pressure surveys) and annual Acoustic Well Sounder tests.

Annual Acoustic Well Sounder (AWS):
  • Meets AER and BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) directives and requirements
  • Pressure build ups
  • Calculations, reports and PAS files


Surface Casing and Tank Vent Tests

Complete testing of your surface casing vent (including bubble test flow rate, build up). Reports are prepared in AER or OGC forms and validated for client submission.

Packer Isolation Tests:

Annual pressure testing of packer integrity for AER and OGC compliance. All results are prepared in a report based on AER Case 1, 2 or 3 criteria.

Suspended Well Inspections:

Including pressure testing to AER and OGC directives.

  • ID2003-01: Isolation Packer, Surface Casing Vent Flow
  • Directive 60: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring,Incinerating and Venting
  • Directive 013: Suspension Requirements for Wells

OGC - Well Completion, Maintenance and Abandonment Guideline.

Kinley Cutters

The Kinley "Sandline Cutter" cuts stuck lines or cables in almost any size of pipe (from coiled tubing to casing) and any line size (from slicklines and e-lines to 1-1/8" O.D. anchor lines).

This technology has successfully been used in cuts as deep as 20,000 feet (more than 6,000 meters) in situations involving a range of line types, including some small coiled tubing under certain conditions. An Electronic Time Delay Cable Cutter is available for use in deviated wells or in wells where mud, sand, kinks and other obstructions can be obstacles.

How does it work? A Bonnetts operator will attach the Kinley Cutter to your line, with 60-minute timer. At the 60 min mark the timer sets off the propellant charge, forcing the knife to cut the line.

This solution allows you to save the line in a single piece, at a cost that is typically offset by the value of the saved line. It also saves you time when compared to alternative solutions, with each job taking only a couple of hours.

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