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Echometer Digital Well Analyzer

The Well Analyzer is an integrated artificial lift data acquisition and diagnostic system that allows an operator to maximize oil and gas production and minimize operating expense. Well productivity, reservoir pressure, overall efficiency, equipment loading and well performance are derived from the combination of measurements of surface pressure, acoustic liquid level, dynamometer, power and pressure transient response. This portable system is based on a precision analog to digital converter controlled by a notebook computer with Windows-based application. The Well Analyzer acquires, stores, processes, displays and manages the data at the well site to give an immediate analysis of the well’s operating condition.

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Acoustic Liquid Level Tests

The Echometer Well Analyzer is used in conjunction with a gas gun/microphone assembly to determine the liquid level depth in a well. Normally, the liquid level depth is determined in the casing annulus, but also, the liquid level depth can be measured inside tubing in gas wells. An acoustic pulse is generated at the surface of the well. The acoustic pulse travels through the gas and is reflected by changes in area including tubing collars and the liquid level. The software automatically processes this acoustic data to determine liquid level depth. Concurrent with the acoustic liquid level depth measurement, an initial and twominute build-up casing pressure tests are performed. The casing pressure build-up measurement allows calculation of the casing annulus gas flow rate and the gradient of the gaseous liquid column if free gas is bubbling up through the liquid. Software calculates the producing bottomhole pressure, maximum production rates, pump intake pressure, casing annulus gas flow rate and other parameters. This single-shot acoustic liquid level depth test is displayed as shown so the operator can visualize and understand the performance of the well.

Dynamometer Tests

A dynamometer analysis allows an operator to determine the loadings and performance of a beam pump system. Rod loadings, beam loadings, gear box loadings, pump performance and downhole gas separator performance can be determined. An easy-to-install compact polished rod transducer is attached to the polished rod below the carrier bar in a few seconds. The polished rod transducer offers safe and easy acquisition of load and position data with sufficient accuracy for most analysis. A quantitative horseshoe load cell that is installed between the carrier bar and the polished rod clamp allows the acquisition of load with precise accuracy. An accelerometer within the transducers provides a reliable technique to determine polished rod position. With both dynamometers, a surface dynamometer card and a downhole pump card are calculated and displayed. Traveling valve and standing valve tests can be performed. When using a horseshoe transducer, a permissible load diagram and torque analysis are available. A motor current sensor allows acquisition of motor current data with the dynamometer data for balancing and motor size and motor performance analysis.

Hawk 9000 Data Logger

The hawk 9000 isa reliable low power data logger with a suite of integrated sensors used to measure pressure, temperature and flow in hazardous locations.

Since the inception of the Hawk 2000, it has logged millions of hours in a variety of harsh testing environments such as the Canadian arctic and the world's deserts. These challenging conditions have provided the test bench for improving reliability and the continuous development of new and improved sensors and software capabilities. As a result, today this precision instrument can be configured to provide a multitiude of reliable measurement solutions.

Hawk 9000 Solutions
Surface Build Up Monitoring

By monitoring dry gas well build ups with a Hawk and using Cullender-Smith, the bottom hole pressure can be calculated. This is a much more cost effective alternative than using downhole guages.

DFIT and Offset Well Monitoring

The Hawk can monitor all of its sensors at the same time, including gas flow, at a one second sample rate for rapidly changing data. On a Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test (DFIT), quality of data is very important as a derivative analysis will be used. The Hawks ultra stable pressure sensors will provide the superior data your reservoir engineers will need.

Hydrostatic and Mechanically Integrated Testing (MIT)

The Hawk's stable pressure sensors and PDF reporting for pipeline, vessels and packer isolation tests bring accuracy and accountability to the hydrostatic pressure testing process. Optimized for portable or truck mounted applications the Hawk will simplify your testing procedures.

Itron Commercial Diaphragm Meters

These meters use proven, time-tested diaphragm meter technology in a 3-chamber design to provide accurate measurement across their respective flow ranges. Long-life and low maintenance are assured by the combination of a self-lapping orbital valve, single convolution diaphragms, and lubrication-free bearings. Attention to design makes them compact and lightweight for their capacity ratings.

Setting the standard

When you combine all of the “A” Series customer-driven features with our tradition for highly accurate meters, it is easy to see why these outstanding meters should have a place in your measurement operation.

Instrumentation Compatible

The “A” Series meters are designed to be fully compatible with all volume and temperature-integrating instruments available today.


The Easy Turn (ET) design allows 2 to 3 times more wrench swing than the competition — as much as a full 120 degrees for meters mounted directly against a wall — making the Itron 675A, 800A and 1000A ‘ET’ gas meters the easiest to install in North America.

Key Features
  • 3-chamber design
  • Wearless orbital valve
  • One piece, seamless, convoluted diaphragm
  • Lubrication-free bearings
  • EZ-VU Adjustment Port
  • Instrumentation compatible
  • Easy Turn (ET) top option for simple installation
  • Easy handling
  • Lightest 400 & 1000 class meters
  • 400A & 1000A retrofi t into any like-class installation
  • AMR/AMI Compatible
Meets Applicable Standards
  • ANSI B109.1, ANSI B109.2
Product Approvals
  • Industry Canada AG-0298, AG-0385
  • State of New York Department of Public Service 91-G-0507, 96-G-0885

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