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Kinley tools are held in high regard within the industry. Many experienced operators will agree that Kinley is second to none. That's why Bonnetts Wireline is proud to be the exclusive provider of Kinley products in Canada. Read our case studies to see how Kinley Tools can add value to your down hole operations. Click on the link to view tool details:

  • Kinley Cutters
  • Kinley Perforators


Kinley Cutters

The Kinley "Sandline Cutter" cuts stuck lines or cable in almost any size of pipe from coiled tubing to casing and any line size from slicklines and e-lines to 1-1/8" O.D. anchor lines.

Bonnetts Wireline can give you the option of dropping a Kinley Sandline Cutter to save the line in one piece instead of trying to pull out of the rope socket or cable head or breaking the line at the surface. Frequently, the cost of the cutting job will be more than offset by the value of the saved line.

The line is cut mechanically by a cutting edge driven by a contained explosive force, initiated by an electronic timer rather than a drop bar. With the timer, there is no more guessing whether or not the drop bar has reached the firing pin. The tool is also designed to save a fishing trip by crimping on to the end of the cut line, allowing the cutter to be recovered with the freed line as it is pulled out of the hole.

The Kinley Sandline Cutter cuts swab lines, electric lines, slick lines, control lines, guide lines, drilling lines, anchor lines and even some small coiled tubing under certain conditions. Cuts as deep as 20,000 feet (over 6,000 meters) have been successful.

The Kinley Sandline Cutter can also save you time. Most Kinley Cutter jobs in tubing take about an hour or two. This is far more time and cost efficient than parting line, and then cutting the remaining line joint by joint as the tubing is pulled.

How does it work? The Bonnett's operator attaches the Kinley Cutter to the line. The cutter is grooved so it rides down the line to the top of the rope socket. A drop weight then is sent down after the cutter, which sets off the propellant charge, forcing the knife to cut the line. Both the cutter and drop weight have a fishneck for easy recovery.

Kinley also has an Electronic Time Delay Cable Cutter for use in wells where mud, sand, kinks or other obstructions may prevent the drop bar from hitting the cutter. It is also used in deviated wells where the drop bar may not strike the cutter hard enough to detonate the charge.

For further information, please contact us at 1-888-843-3833.

Kinley Perforators

When you need to punch a circulating hole or to install a check valve for low cost gas lift and chemical injection, Bonnett's has the perforator.

The Kinley Perforator punches a round, clean hole (from ¼" to ¾" diameter) or inserts a check valve (up to ¼" diameter) or orifice in the tubing. It is available for most sizes and weights of pipe and coiled tubing from 1.315" to 7" OD. It is safe to operate, using only a small Class C propellant charge. There is no danger of damaging the casing, as it punches a round hole instead of burning. The tool is even counter-balanced to always fire toward the high side of a deviated well, avoiding penetration of adjacent strings.

It can be used to punch a hole to circulate and kill the well, drain the tubing and prevent pulling out a wet string, circulate out annular sand bridges, open alternate zones when sliding sleeves can't be opened, or for plunger lift installations. It can also be used to install check valves or orifice inserts to provide a one-way flow for an inexpensive gas lift, chemical injection point, or to circulate hot oil for paraffin removal.

The Kinley Perforator performs at temperatures up to 160°C (320°F) and at pressures as high as 72,000 kPa (10,500 PSI) and runs on Slick Line or Electric Line. It can be used in any gas or fluid, and is H2S rated.

How does it work? On Slickline, the Bonnett's operator simply lowers the Kinley Perforator to the desired depth, and either locates a collar or sets down on a stop. A Jar up and then down will shear the safety pins and ignite the propellant charge. Expanding gas then activates a limited stroke mechanism to punch the hole or install the Check Valve. On Electric Line, it's even simpler. The Bonnett's operator runs the Kinley Perforator in the hole to the desired depth, then remotely activates the charge via the control panel in the truck.

For additional information about this or any other Kinley Tools, give us a call at 1-888-843-3833.