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Boreal Testing: Overview

In our Production Testing division, our primary focus is oil and gas well production testing services. Operating out of Grande Prairie, Alberta, we provide testing services throughout the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

We pride ourselves on having a team of testing specialists who are acknowledged industry leaders at performing all operations and tests that our clients may require. We are experts at using numerous testing packages for a variety of services. We also specialize in sweet and sour service conditions and can apply our testing applications either remotely or in-line as required – with safety and service as our guiding tenets.

Boreal Production Testing Services include:

  • New Well Completions
  • Workovers
  • Frac FLowback/Recovery
  • Swab Operations
  • Cleanup Tests
  • Bleedoffs, Suspensions, Abandonments
  • Regulatory & Effluent testing
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • In-Line Production Tests
  • AER/ERCB/BC-OGC submittable reporting
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